kill the lights

dylan seals


Dylan Seals has worked professionally as a recording engineer for 12 years. He works primarily out of his studio, Kill The Lights but has also been spotted around town in studios such as Blackbird, The Castle, Platinum Labs, The Sound Emporium, Ronnie’s place, Omni, Sweetbriar and Adventure Studio.  From Grammy nominated artists on major labels to indie records with humble budgets, Dylan uses his passion for music and engineering to produce consistently stellar productions and has made himself many friends along the way.

A little about the studio, kill the lights...

Digital Audio Workstations : Pro-Tools 9 HD, Nuendo, Cubase, Logic

Microphones by AKG, Sennheiser, Manley Labs, Neumann, Telefunken, Avenson Audio, Shure, Audio Technica, Peavey “Celebrity” Series.

Pre amps by GML, API, Vintech, Manley Labs, Neve.

Tape Machines by Otari, MCI.

Compression and EQ by Chandler Limited, Manley Labs, Universal Audio.

Monitoring by Adam and Yamaha.

Conversion by Apogee and RME.

All cabling by Mogami.

Power iso and conditioning by Furman as well as UPS.

Guitars and Basses: 90’ Hamer Special p90, 91’ Hamer FM Special flame top, 76’ Fender P Bass, 86’ Fender Jazz Bass, recent Lakland 5 string active, 80’ Yamaha Acoustic.

Keyboards: Moog Rouge, Rhodes, Wurly.

Amps: 71 Fender Princeton Reverb with Boost Pull, recent Mesa Boogie Lonestar, many more available.

Dylan Seals is a Grammy and Dove Award-Nominated Recording Engineer.

kill the lights is a professional studio built in 2006 by acclaimed Nashville studio designer Carl Tatz.  The studio is highlighted by its spacious and beautifully tuned control room.

dylan seals is a professional audio engineer and producer built by his parents in the autumn of 1979.  dylan is highlighted by his love for music and the art of recording.

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